Will I get lots more emails?

Many emails are exchanged daily between groups and people on rotas already. The idea is that ChurchSuite makes it easier to manage email address lists from a single point within the database, improving accuracy and data protection and saving time. Emails that you get through ChurchSuite are emails that would have been sent anyway from someone’s personal inbox. The only email traffic that will increase is a reminder during the week that you are on a rota. This is a simple message that is easily deleted. Currently, we cannot ‘switch off’ this message to an individual, without switching it off for everyone on the rota. Individuals may choose not to receive any emails from within ChurchSuite by editing their details accordingly in MyChurchSuite. However, we strongly advise against this as it will mean that important communication from church will be missed, especially as this will be the primary method of communication to groups used by the ministry team, PCC and other church members who lead groups and events.

Most people like to have an email alert for the rota, but if you are not happy to receive this, please bear with us. We have raised this as an issue for development with ChurchSuite and it is possible that in the future they will enable us to switch email alerts off for individuals within a rota, without switching off the individual contact’s ability to receive all emails from ChurchSuite.