Baptisms and Confirmations


It’s an amazing moment when a child is born and we find ourselves thanking God for his goodness.  We, as a church family, want to celebrate this significant period in your life by providing an opportunity to pray and bless you as you move into the next season of your life.  This is not the same as a baptism (there’s no water and vows involved!) but if interested in this then please talk to the Vicar, Andy Rimmer or the Church Office.


Baptism is a way of publicly starting a journey of faith for your child, where you and your child's Godparents make promises to God, on your child's behalf, as God welcomes your child into His family. It is important for at least one parent and three Godparents to be baptised. We baptise children and babies in the 10.30am service. Come along to a morning service to join us, and introduce yourselves after the service. 


In an adult baptism, you will make your own vows of commitment to God, supported by the church. For those who were baptised as infants and wish to confirm their baptism vows for themselves, we hold confirmation services once a year.

If you live within the parish, are a member of the congregation or have a connection with the church and would like your child to be baptised, or would like to be baptised yourself, please contact the Church Office office on 020 8449 0832, or talk to the Vicar Andy Rimmer, or email us