Funerals & Burials

Funerals can be conducted in Christ Church or at a crematorium. When somebody dies, it is usual for the family to contact a funeral director who will then contact us directly to arrange the conduct of the funeral.

Whether the funeral is held in the church or a crematorium, one of our clergy will meet with you to explain and plan the service. At the funeral service, we give thanks to God for the life of the person who has died, we pray for those who are grieving, we commend the departed person to God’s eternal care, and we give thanks for God’s gift of eternal life.

Christ Church cemetery

Can burials take place in the cemetery?
Christ Church Cemetery is now closed and is the responsibility of Barnet Borough Council, and is maintained by them. Burials and interments of ashes are only possible in existing family graves, where space permits. The church must be informed prior to any arrangements being made for new burials or interments. Please contact the parish office on 020 8449 0832 or email us.

Adding a new gravestone or monument to a family grave, or adding an inscription to an existing gravestone
The Vicar of Christ Church must be informed and give their approval before any new work is carried out. Please contact the parish office on 020 8449 0832 or email us

Finding a relative's grave is in the cemetery
If you are looking for a relative's grave, contact the parish office where we have a map of all plots. We can also search the burial registers. There is a fee of £28 per hour for register searches. 

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