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Mini Church (3-5s)

If you have a pre-school aged child (3 to 5 years old) and want them to have an enjoyable and educational time in Church on Sunday, then Mini Church is the place for them.

As well as play time with our great selection of toys, fancy dress and soft play activities, Mini Church includes teaching with Bible stories, singing, craft and creative activities, prayer and more play time!  It is a great place to introduce pre-school children to the amazing stories of Scripture, to teach them about the love of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, how to pray and worship, helping to create a firm foundation in their Christian life.  They’ll also develop their social skills as they play together and learn how to listen and interact in a lesson, all vital skills for those who will soon enter school.

Whenever we have a Family Service at Christ Church, we love to welcome Mini Church children and their families into the church to participate in the service and we have recently been working with the children to produce their own musical instruments, so they can join in the sung worship as well as the other parts of our all-age services.

Mini Church is staffed by a dedicated and gifted group of volunteers who work hard to bring as much creativity, passion and fun as they can to each session and we would be delighted if your son or daughter would like to join us. 


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